ImageIt is Saturday.  At last.  This has been a crazy week.  I think I got a lot accomplished at school, but not at home.  I need to be cleaning house but instead I am writing.  Oh well…priorities I guess.  

Lesson Plans…they come around so fast.  It seems I just finish and it is time to do them again.  They are going pretty well though.  Robin and I collaborate on them.  Two brains are definitely better than one.

We are in a battle.  

The forces of God on one side and the forces of darkness on the other side.


Knowing that there is a battle going on helps to know why things are always at unrest. Knowing our role will assure a safe passage. We must recognize when it is Satan and resist him! We must stand firm in the tools that God gives us. For I am a new creature in Christ…and we are on the winning team.


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