Marjorie Ruth

Happy Birthday Mom

Tomorrow is Mom’s birthday.  She liked having her birthday right after Christmas I think because she thought we wouldn’t make that big of a deal out of it.  But we always tried to separate it from Christmas…to make it special for her!  Dad used to buy her clothes for Christmas ( a lot of them).  He  would always “save” one back for her birthday.

Donna always gave her sleepwear.  We always had a running joke about what nightgown she would get this year.  Mom loved nightgowns so she always looked forward to them.  A funny note is that Donna had an obsession with nightwear also.  She had probably enough for a month without starting over.  LOL

My gifts were not so “scheduled.”  I would get something she had asked for…or something I had made…or …

Mom would have been fine without getting anything at all.  She loved her family and  She loved her life.

Mom is celebrating her birthday with Jesus tomorrow.  I feel her spirit though.  I have felt it over the last almost 11 years she has been away from me.  Happy Birthday Mom.  See you at the House.


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