Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thankful.  What does it really mean.  Why do some people seem to be thankful for the things you do and some do not.  Does it mean that they are not thankful.  Is the very act of verbalizing it the only evidence of thankfulness.

God wants us to be thankful.  He wants us to act thankful, but it also wants to say the words.  Thank you.  Thank you to each other…to your family…to those you work with…to those you interact with…

Some people only say the words.  It just what you say.  It doesn’t mean they are thankful…it just means they said it.

A real thankful person will combine both…the words and the action.  They say the words and live like they mean it.  They do acts of service that “show” they are thankful.  They do not put stumbling blocks in others’ way…instead they try to make others feel as DESTRESSED as they want to be.  May I be that type of person.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thoughts

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