In 2 Chronicles it says that the Lord is with you if you seek him.  If you seek him he can be found.  This got me to thinking.  The things that we really want, we go in search of…we don’t sit and wait for it to come to us.

If you want a new car…the dealorship is not going to drive by your house with your car…you go shopping for it…you seek it out.

Our life with God is not there for us to just sit back and let God provide every desire we want.  We must seek him out, join him in the work at hand, and have a relationship with him.  We do that by spending time with him.  We spend time with him by praying, reading his word, and being compassionate with his family.

We go after the things we really want.  If it is God you want, go after him…while he may be found.  I am…!!!!


One thought on “Seeking

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