Father’s Day

Sunday we recognize our fathers.  I wanted to tell you about my father and my two grandfathers.  I love all 3 of them dearly and they love me.

Dad loved his God, his family, and his church in that order.  He was funny to those who knew him well….although he was quiet to those who didn’t know him.

He loved suits better than jeans, gospel and country better than pop rock, and he loved his steak and potatoes…although biscuits and gravy were a close second, especially ones that my grandmother use to make when she first met him.

He worked hard and loved completely those that he loved.  I feel honored that God chose him to be my earthly father.

 “Papa Charley” as he was known to the family was my mother’s father.  He lived in my town and during my growing up days we visited and saw him often.

My biggest memories were of him studying his bible, talking about historical issues, and going to church.  He was always very serious in church and I was usually “too hyper” for his taste.   He loved church music…and many times he would sit in a chair at home or visiting with us and move his hand back and forth like he was directing a choir.  Love you Grandpa.

My dad’s father, Silas, lived only a block and a half from us.  He loved family…anytime company that would know us came to his house, he would call us to come over, too.

He loved to tell stories.  Everytime I would visit with him, he had a childhood story for me.  He always tried to put a shock factor into it, just to see if I believed him.

When both of my parents worked, he would take me to doctor’s appointments to help out.  I had to visit a surgeon when I was in junior high, and he would pick me up from school and take me to the appointments.  While there, he would ask the doctor questions about himself.  I always teased him that he took me because of wanting to see the doc with an appointment.  Love you Grandpa!


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