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I started reading a new biographical book in which the theme is forgiveness.  Forgiveness is the act to stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for something they did.

Anger—-when we are wronged, or even just think we have been wronged, it makes us angry.  Anytime you are angry it covers up everything else in its path.  You concentrate on the anger instead of WHY you are angry.  We don’t stop to find out why something happened or why someone did what they did.  Sometimes we just need to realize that even the other person did do wrong…it is a problem of theirs and not ours.  It doesn’t mean our life has to stop or even slow down, because of what they did.  We may not understand the whole story.  Even if we do…it is an act THEY did and we cannot change or be responsible for their actions…only ours!

Resentment–We separate ourselves from that person and do not want anything to do with them.  Yes, they may have done a wrong thing, but instead of bridging a huge gap with them, perhaps we need to find out what is going on…perhaps there is some way we can help them.  Maybe they did a wrong thing because of their hurt, or misunderstanding of THEIR life.

The character in my book did just that.  At first she was hurt, angry, and resentful of the wronged party.  But as she got to know more information, she found that she could forgive them.  The forgiveness was for her.  It enabled her to go on, instead of stopping her life.


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