Wednesday is my sister’s birthday (June 8).  For 6 years she was an only child.  I am told that she was not real thrilled to have me come along.  After all, her Mom was not home for a few nights–that was when you stayed in the hospital for a few days when giving birth…instead of the “overnight” stay.  Her quiet little home would soon change.

I am told after she held me, she became my protector from then on…I knew she was in my corner.

Of course we fought like most sisters do…I remember things getting thrown at each other and a lot of pushing going on, but she was there for me….even back then.  I remember her taking me places, when she didn’t want to do so.  I mean how many teenagers want their baby sister along.  We were close, of course we were a close family that seemed to always know each other well.

I remember on one occasion she and her family were living in Georgia, and I had to keep 2 secrets. Donna had told me they were coming home for Thanksgiving and to not tell Mom and Dad because they wanted to surprise them. We had built on to our house and my mom wanted it to be a secret until Donna came home.  I had kept secrets before, but to keep secrets from the two people I was closest to was very HARD.  Mom suspected that they might be coming home and tried to trick me for a few mornings before I was really awake.  Mom (and everyone else) knew that it was hard for me to wake in the mornings and that I would usually “spill” anything that was in my brain.  I kept the secrets…But I think they both knew what was happening.  Donna was and is a great sister.  I am proud to call her SISTER.

Love you Donna….Happy Birthday!


One thought on “Sister

  1. Hi Cindy! I enjoy reading this tremendously! It’s rough sometimes growning up with siblings but I wouldn’t trade mine in for the world either! God bless, Teresa

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