Important Things

We always think we have our priorities straight.  Things seem to be going great until something goes wrong.  Everyone who has lost something or someone never dreamed that their day would turn out that way…Someone got up this morning and went to work and found out they were being terminated.  Someone walked out of their house and found out someone had stolen their car.  Another got up and got ready for work and can’t find their keys.  They never dreamed it would happen.

In the wake of the recent storms, you hear about loss.  People who lost their clothes, their pictures, their very homes…but my heart is breaking this morning over the family that not only lost one child, but have lost two.  They had no idea that morning that their babies would not be with them that night.

World…love the people you love.  Tell them often.  Tell them every day.  Make sure every time you see them there is nothing left unsaid just in case it is the last time you see them in THIS life.

I John 4:19 tells us…”We love because he first loved us.”


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