Who’s in Charge

Are you ready?

–to make sure we are ready… Any assignment that God gives, it is necessary for us to be obedient.  The servant does
not tell the master what kind of assignment he wants.  He waits on the master to give him the assignment.

As a child being a student in school, we had the same thinking in mind.   Teachers planned lessons, taught them, and gave assignments.  Students did the assignments–no questions asked.  The students and the teacher knew who was in charge–the teacher. 

Today in school–I am the teacher this time–students don’t always take the assignment with no questions asked…they want to manipulate how they do the assignment…or if they do the assignment.  When did THIS become the norm???

It always happens in the world….everyone wants to do their own thing…to the point of not caring or emphathizing how it will effect the other person.  They don’t want authority…they just want to do their own thing.  Soon all the organization and protocol of a society is out the window.  No one seems to know how to act, behave, or react.

I think that may be why it is hard for Christians to submit to God…they try to put the world into it.  We need to make a choice…It’s God or the World.  God’s way is to have a love relationship with us.  Since God can see the “WHOLE” picture and we can’t…that makes him in charge.  We MUST submit to him–since he know what lies ahead for us.  He is at work, and unless we submit and join him–we soon begin to act as the world does.  Could this lifestyle with God possibly teach us to subject ourselves to authority here on Earth…our temporary home.  Maybe……….with some organization in earthly matters, we would have time to turn our attention more to GOD!  Just sayin’…


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