All in a Name


She was known by so many people…her friends called her Margie…her church family and co-workers called her Marge.  She was given the name Marjorie in 1931 at birth, and she always remarked that she really liked that form of the name…but I knew her as Mom!

She had many different roles in her life–daughter, sister, cousin, friend, girlfriend, babysitter, wife, sunday school teacher, aunt, “dimestore” clerk (as they called it then), wife, MOM, grandmother, nursery worker/director, and redeemed child of God.  People always wanted to talk to her, spend time with her, and she always made time for them.

Her passion was children….making them feel safe, loved, and treating them as if they were the most special in all the world.  She did this at church, with family and friends, and especially with her children.  She made my sister and I feel the most special…and made us feel loved.  This carried over with her grandchildren, and just days before she left us, she got to hold her first great grandchild…a memory that is embedded in our hearts.

There are adults I run into constantly who have a memory of Marge and how she made them feel special.

Now she is in the presence of Jesus…and someday we will JOIN her.  MOM…Happy MOMMY Day…love you lots…and we’ll see you at the HOUSE!


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