Thursday Things

Just some things I am pondering on today.   I want to start Thursdays with “Why statements”  …help me make a good list. 

I would love to hear about your WHYs…email them to me and I want to start a list for next Thursday…in the meantime…

Why is it when you can’t seem to find a comfortable position sleeping then you suddenly find it  just when it is time to get up. 

Why is it when you ask a student a content question they holler and want to be first to answer, but on a test they may not even read the question right and miss it.

Why is it when you have the money you forget to pay the bill, but then when you remember to pay it, you have already spent the money!

Why is it on your day off, you get up really early and have all kinds of energy.

Why is it that when you want to read a book,  you think of a million things you should be doing, but you read anyway.


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