Good Friday

Good Friday…the day we remember that Christ died on the Cross for us…for our sins. As I was searching on the web this morning I was researching “Good Friday.” I found a lot of interesting comments about Good Friday. Some say there is nothing good about it…that it was the day Christ died for us. Some say it is good for a variety of reasons ranging from it being a holiday to the very meaning of why Christ had to die.

It is sad that he had to die…but what love. To know that he was absolutely perfect…God himself. Yet he had so much love for man that he wanted a way for man to have a relationship with him…but the price had to be paid.

Some are upset that they are not “off work” or “out of school” on this day. Whether we work or go to school…the facts do not change. God loved us…gave his Son for us…provided a sacrifice for US…He did that whether we are working, learning, or staying at home. I think the important thing is to remember what he did, and to make a decision to believe, trust, and follow him all the days of our life.

Because in a short time…history and God’s word tells us that HE ROSE AGAIN….SO THAT WE CAN HAVE LIFE ETERNAL WITH HIM. HE IS NOT DEAD. HE IS ALIVE AND IS COMING BACK FOR US. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!


One thought on “Good Friday

  1. Thanks for subscribing to my site. I thought that I would come and visit yours too. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on the meaning of today and would add a whole hearted amen to them. Blessings, Teresa

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