Marge and the Tree

Even though this is about a tree—it is more about my mother.

My mother loved trees.  In her lifetime, she grew some and she got rid of some.  I remember as a child, when we moved into our house there was an apple tree and an orange in the backyard.  For a few years, they produced good fruit, but then they stopped producing and got kind of ugly…and part of the trees died out…so she wanted them gone.  And they were gone.

But she never quit wishing for a beautiful Bradford Pear Tree in her front yard.  Earlier there had been a ditch on our block and there really wasn’t room for a tree in front yard.  The yard was somewhat small…but she kept hoping.

One year the city decided to redo the road and while they were at it, they filled in the ditch, which gave us a little more yard space.  She didn’t voice it out loud, but I think her first thought was … room for a TREE!!!!

My brother – in – law, who had worked in landscaping, asked if she would like to have a tree for the front yard.  She wanted a Bradford Pear Tree.  Oh my!!!! Those are hard to grow and very temperamental.  Still she wanted it.

Finally one spring morning, Jim bought and planted a “young” Bradford Pear Tree.  I remember because it was the same morning my piano tuner was trying to tune my piano.  I kept apologizing for the loud noises with the tree planting, but the tuner kept saying, “What a beautiful tree!”

Mom watered it, talked to it, and protected that tree for quite a few years.  She LOVED her tree.  She also loved it because her “son” planted it.

Mom has been gone from this earth for 10 years now.  But her tree has thrived and looks more beautiful than ever.   She resides in Heaven and I believe she is still taking care of her tree.  Her spirit lives on in that tree.  Every time I look at it, I think of her.  It has grown into the most full and beautiful tree.  When you turn down our block, it is the first thing that catches your eye.  And contrary to all the reports of how hard it is to keep Bradford Pear Trees, the care of our tree has been effortless.

After a season of ice and snow, the tree starting blooming a few weeks ago.  It puts this beautiful white flower on it.  It really dressed up the block.  The flowers are beginning to shed and when they hit the ground it almost looks like snow.  It is replaced by the most beautiful green leaves that will remain all summer.

I am thrilled that Mom got to have her tree and enjoy it for a number of seasons.   Also I am grateful that the tree and her spirit lives on today!



One thought on “Marge and the Tree

  1. I love this Cindy. But more than anything I enjoy the feeling I get when I read your posts about your parents. I can feel the love that you all shared. When I was teaching at Byng one of my co-workers grandchild died at birth. Those of us on our wing wanted to give her something that would last longer than flowers. We decided to get her a tree. Little did we know that she had planted a tree for each of her grandchildren. We were able to share in the tree for little Gracie Anne. She thought we knew about her trees and was so surprised when she learned that we did not. I always felt the Lord had a hand in our decision to purchase that tree.

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