Saturday with Cindy and an introduction to FAITH

O my goodness…what a week.  Such expectations after such a week with a major icestorm of 2011.  We were out of school last week for 4 days.  I usually like to be at home…and I do…but after 4 days and not being able to get out…makes you WANT to get out.

Went to school on Monday and knew it was would be hard….for students would be hyper after being out for 4 days.  Tuesday was a little better until we found out more snow is coming…out again on Wednesday…so on Thursday we had to start all over.

But we made it through the week.  And now it is Saturday and I am enjoying being the house, knowing I can get out if I want.  There is a little snow left, but mostly on the grass.  Roads appear to be ok.  It is still a little cool this morning, but it is suppose to warm up this afternoon. 

In January, I was challenged to pick a word to develop in my life.  I belabored over several and keep coming back to one word:  FAITH

Faith…it is hard to define for some people.  It is a substance that can be seen.  You either know if it is there or not there.  The older we get I think the harder it is to sustain FAITH…except by the assistance of God himself.

A child has no trouble with faith.  A child jumps off a bed or a porch and you say, “I’ll catch you,” and they have no problem in thinking, by faith, that you will catch them.  But it seems as we get older, the more WE want to control the situation, instead of having faith.

It is important who we have faith in…

Faith has to be in the things that are worthy of our faith….the things eternal and of God.  Faith in earthly things, people, or objects will let us down.  The other side of faith has to be from a PERFECT being…and that is God himself.


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