It has been said…why do you keep going?  What is out there that keeps you going.  There has to be something in your vision..something that will keep you on your path.  HOPE.

But what the source is made of makes a huge difference.  When you get there will it blow away or will it be all that you have looked forward to…

…make sure your HOPE is something worth your time.  Your hope should include something that is proven to be worth striving for.  Love, security, and friendship are just some of the qualities that are found in the “Hope”  My Hope is in God the Father.  He gives me love, security, friendship, and he is my SAVIOUR!


hope means to expect…live like you expect  something.  I expect God to be there.

hope means optimism…I get excited just thinking about my Hope in God!!!!

hope means to finish with the intended outcome…when my life is over I will be spending it with my God whom I have committed my life.


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